About Analytical Balance Corporation

Analytical Balance Corporation has been providing quality testing since our founding in 1995. For nearly 30 years prior, the Lab operated under the name of Oliviera Environmental. It is our mission to provide quality data and exceptional customer service, at a reasonable price. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to control prices despite ever rising costs without cutting corners or compromising quality. Serving a wide variety of clients makes us very aware that every client has his or her own idiosyncracy.

We have analyzed over a million samples of drinking water and waste water samples over the years. We have worked with nearly every municipality, driller, engineering firm and wastewater treatment company in eastern Massachusetts, and have a good association with all. The principals of the Corporation and key senior staff bring well over 140 years of combined experience in the environmental chemistry arena. This knowledge base assists you in determining your best course of action for your project or should a problem arise. We are small enough to have staff readily available to answer your questions, yet big enough to fully accommodate your needs.

Company Founders

Bob Bentley has served as Analytical Balance Corporation’s Laboratory Director since it’s founding. Bob has been involved in environmental testing for more than 40 years. Much of this time has been in quality assurance, management of personnel and analytical laboratory operations. Relevant experience includes time spent at Springborn Laboratories (now Smithers Viscient) in Wareham, MA as Director of Quality Assurance, Clean Harbors Analytical Services, Inc., Braintree, MA as the Laboratory Manager. While working at ENSR, his responsibilities included dealing with laboratories and quality assurance issues in different areas of the country. During his tenure at all of these locations, he acted as the principal spokesman during innumerable audits, all of which were positive.

Tim Begley, Analytical Balance Corporation’s cofounder, serves as the Laboratory Manager. Tim has been involved in testing for more than 30 years. He retains responsibility for the day-to-day flow of samples through the laboratory and has helped maintain the turnaround which clients require. He has also implemented many of the equipment and technology upgrades which gives Analytical Balance its superior capabilities.

Both Bob and Tim have considerable experience in assisting municipalities as well as clients in waste water, home inspectors and individuals. Tim has dealt directly with the authorities in water supply and management. Bob currently sits on the Laboratory Advisory and the Safe Drinking Water Act Advisory Committees of the Mass. DEP, is Regulatory Affairs Chair of the Independent Laboratory Testing Association, and is active on other industry committees dealing with many water related issues. Tim and Bob have also made a substantial number of presentations regarding sampling and analysis for the Mass. DEP, limits of detection for the cranberry growers, regulatory rule changes and worker safety.

Our People

At Analytical Balance, we have extraordinary people. In the world of environmental labs, employee turnover can be high. Here, however, we have fostered an “environment” of dedication to clients and pride in quality that has allowed us to retain key people for many years. Being a “small” Laboratory, our staff know what it is to multi-task and get the job done. We are proud to present some of our staff.

Jan Pearson is Analytical Balance’s microbiologist. Having worked for Analytical Balance and its predecessor for 24 years, she prides herself on producing quality, defensible bacteria results and maintaining one of the finest quality control programs in the region. Jan also worked for many years in hospital labs.

Nellie DaCosta has been with Analytical Balance since graduating from UMass Dartmouth in 1998. She runs metals (ICP-MS, flame and graphite furnace) and is also a generalist when it comes to wet chemistry analyses.

Joe Melisi has been working in testing labs for over 30 years, with 11 years at Analytical Balance. Joe is responsible for metals analyses and splits his time between ICP-MS, flame and graphite furnace.

Jim Lima is our GC-MS analyst and has almost 11 years at Analytical Balance. Jim likes to be the Lab’s repairman and enjoys the technicalities of IT.

Leanne Monaghan is our Customer Service Manager and has been working at Analytical Balance for nearly 10 years. She is the primary interface between Analytical Balance and you, our customer. She prides herself in having the answers or being able to find the answers for you. Leanne is the scheduler for our couriers and our small Public Water Suppliers and helps to make sure that samples are taken when they are required. Leanne has been very active in the Plymouth County Water Works Association, and has made presentations to PCWWA on topics relating to testing.