Analytical Balance is proud to offer metals testing using both state of the art instruments and some traditional methods. Our most modern instrumentation includes a highly versatile ICP-MS and a combination Flame-AA + Graphite Furnace-AA with Zeeman correction. These instruments provide the most reliable data even when potential interferences are present. We also have a PE 2380 Flame-AA, a veritable workhorse of the industry, like that old Chevy that just won’t quit. There may be some parameters can also be tested using traditional wet chemistry. Depending on the matrix, there may be a digestion fee with your order. All waste water samples are digested while drinking water samples are only digested if excessive turbidity or sediment is present after preservation. We can analyze for individual or several metals. However, many metals are bundled into specially priced batteries. We also offer Arsenic Speciation (Total Arsenic, Arsenic III, and Arsenic V).

Below is a table of our metals testing capabilities with drinking and waste water certification status. Note that we also will test solid matrices, such as soil and some food products. Please contact us for more info on testing non-water matrices.

Metal ICP-MS
EPA 200.8
Flame AA
SM 3111B
Graphite Furnace-AA
SM 3113B or EPA 200.9
WW Certification DW
Aluminum o x     o x
Antimony x x     x x
Arsenic x x     x x
Barium x o     x o
Beryllium x x     x x
Boron o o        
Cadmium x x     x x
Calcium o o x x x x
Chromium x x     x x
Cobalt o x        
Copper x x x x x x
Iron o o o x    
Lead x x     x x
Magnesium o o o o    
Manganese o x o x    
Mercury x          
Molybdenum x o     o o
Nickel x x     x x
Potassium o o o x    
Selenium x x        
Silica/Silicon o o        
Silver o x o x o o
Sodium o o x x    
Strontium o o o o    
Thallium x x     x o
Tin o o     o o
Titanium o o        
Uranium o o        
Vanadium o x     x x
Zinc o x o x    

x = Mass DEP offers certification for this parameter in this matrix and we are certified.

o = Mass DEP does not offer certification for this parameter in this matrix; however, we will test for these using the same rigorous QC program.

* Traditional wet chemistry methods also exist for this parameter.

** Waste water compliance testing for Mercury requires the EPA 245 method. If you are testing for compliance purposes, we will subcontract your sample to a lab which does this specialty method. In most cases, we can do it by EPA 200.8 if it is not needed for compliance.

We also have the technical capability to test for the metals below with our ICP-MS (EPA 200.8). While Mass DEP does not certify these parameters and we do not routinely test for them, we can accommodate special requests for them (by prearrangement only).

Bismuth Holmium Platinum Yttrium
Cesium Indium Rubidium Zirconium
Gallium Lanthanum Scandium  
Germanium Lithium Tellurium  
Gold Palladium Tungsten